Websites Like Continue to Ensnare Unsuspecting Consumers

Last week we blogged about the latest in consumer deception – auto-renewing text message subscriptions that bill customers who fall prey to certain gimmick websites (e.g.,,, and And even though the auto-subscription scam that is being run by the owners of these types of websites is not new, complaint blogs like continue to buzz with complaints from people who have been billed for services they didn’t even realize they had been signed up for.

If you used a website, including any of the above or any website run by a company called National Telephone Advisory, and you were signed up for a monthly charge that you did not find out about until after you paid it once or twice, call us at (610) 941-4204 or visit our website at We are committed to protecting consumers like you from schemes like this, and we want to know your story. You have rights, and you may have grounds for a lawsuit.