Unnecessary Replacement of Ink/Toner Cartridges Costing Consumers $$

Any printer or all-in one (print-copy-fax) machine purchased within the last few years comes with its own software to install on your computer. This software includes updates regarding the amount of ink or toner remaining in the cartridge and provides reminders and warnings to replace your ink or toner cartridge as soon as a certain level is reached. However, recent tests have found that these indicators are requiring consumers to change or replace their cartridges before it is truly necessary, thereby wasting ink, toner, and consumers’ money.

Some consumers report that their printer could actually continue printing tens if not hundreds more pages before needing to be replaced. Further, in some instances, rather than simply providing a recommendation to change the ink or toner, the machine actually requires the consumer to make the change by refusing to complete printing jobs until a replacement cartridge is inserted.

If this is a situation in which you have found yourself, then you are not alone. Many consumers have this same complaint. While some have realized that their printer will continue to print hundreds of pages despite the warning of “low ink” or recommendation to “change toner,” many have not. By forcing consumers to replace their ink and toner cartridges earlier than necessary, the remaining ink and toner is going to waste and consumers are forced to purchase more replacement cartridges per year than they actually need.

If you have had similar problems with your printer, please contact us to evaluate your potential case.