Pfizer Supressed Neurontin Study Showing Lack of Effectiveness for Chronic Nerve Pain

In newly filed court documents, evidence has surfaced showing that top marketing executives from Pfizer “suppressed a large European study suggesting their blockbuster medication Neurontin was ineffective for chronic nerve pain.”

Despite the availability of such European study, Pfizer “launched an advertising blitz promoting the purportedly positive findings of a smaller Neurontin study it had published in a major medical journal – including showing a video to airline passengers before their in-flight movie.”

The suppression of such study by Pfizer is significant in that the Company was actively engaged in the promotion of Neurontin, initially approved by the FDA as an epilepsy drug and which would later become “one of the fastest-growing blockbuster drugs in the world, one that generated more than $2 billion a year in US sales for Pfizer.”

According to one of Plaintiffs’ lead attorneys, Pfizer “created the illusion of Neurontin’s efficacy in the scientific literature … Pfizer’s scientific misconduct and unethical behavior caused physicians to write tens of millions of ineffective prescriptions for serious and debilitating conditions resulting in billions of dollars in profit for Pfizer at the expense of patients and insurance companies.”

Despite such evidence demonstrating Pfizer’s supression of such study, Pfizer continues to purport to being “committed to the communication of medically or scientifically significant results of all studies, regardless of outcome.”