J&J and McNeil Recall Update

Add five more lots of over-the-counter medicines – four of Benadryl and one of Extra Strength Tylenol – to the growing number of products recalled by Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare division this year.

If you’re counting, this is McNeil’s sixth product recall of 2010. And the year is only reaching its midpoint. The recalls have now mounted so significantly for McNeil – one in January, three in March, one in April, and one in June – that is has created a “recall” website for the sole purpose of keeping consumers informed and updated about the company’s various tainted products.

Although McNeil and the FDA continue to reiterate that they do not believe that the recalled products pose any “serious” risks, it is becoming disturbingly clear that many adults and children have used or been exposed to a wide range of very common – indeed, staple – cold and pain remedies that should not have been on the shelf.