Hallmark, Inc. Recalls Jumbo Snow-Globes — Risk of Fire Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (UCPSC) is reporting Hallmark, Inc.’s recall of Jumbo Snowman Snow Globes.

It is estimated that approximately 7,000 units were distributed and sold through Hallmark shops from October 2008 through November 2008, throughout the United States. The model numbers for such snow globes are 1XAG5093, a UPC code 795902066666, measurements of 11 by 12 by 17 inches, and were sold for about $100.00 each. The model number and the UPC code can be found on the back of the hangtag.

There have been reports of several house fires as a result of such products, specifically where the globes, “when exposed to sunlight … act as a magnifying glass and ignite nearby combustible materials, posing a fire hazard.” According to a corporate release from Hallmark, upon learning of the fire risk posed by such globes, Hallmark “immediately decided to recall this product.”

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