Forced to Rent a Cable Box?

Have you looked at your cable bill and found that you are paying $5, $6, and even $10 a month to rent a cable box from your service provider? Ever wonder why you cannot simply purchase your cable box or rent a cheaper box from another company? Many consumers are limited in subscribing to certain cable companies; however, numerous cable companies take advantage of consumers by charging $60 or more EACH year to rent a set-top box that should cost no more than a DVD player to buy.

Years ago, many people were similarly frustrated and asking these same questions about their telephones because telephone companies only allowed their customers to lease their telephones directly from the company. Eventually this practice was deemed illegal and anti-competitive (read the decision), which is why we are now able to purchase or lease our telephones from a variety of companies, thereby ensuring competition. Currently, however, cable customers throughout the country have been dealing with the same situation and have begun to challenge these unfair practices.

Specifically, Time Warner and Comcast are currently under fire in large multi-district class actions in which their customers are alleging that the practice of requiring cable customers to lease a set-top cable box from them – without providing the option to either purchase the box or rent from another company – violates the antitrust laws of the United States as well as the consumer protection laws of their home states.

While these companies are being challenged, there are many other cable providers who are not. Therefore, if you have been forced to rent a cable box from your cable company, then please contact us so that we can make sure that your rights and those of many other cable subscribers are protected.