Bard® Perfex® Hernia Plug — Increased Risk of Nerve Entanglement?

The Bard® PerFix® Plug, introduced by Davol, Inc. and C.R. Bard, Inc., in 1993, is a medical device used to repair “primary and recurrent inguinal hernias.”

According to C.R. Bard, the PerFix Plug “requires less overall dissection” and a “tension-free” surgical technique which “results in increased patient comfort, faster rehabilitation and fewer recurrences.”

Despite this, there have been numerous concerns raised by both patients and physicians, that the PerFix Plug increases the risk of various health related complications, including but not limited to Post-Herniorrhaphy Pain Syndrome and possible nerve entanglement, resulting in chronic pain and often the need for extensive treatment and surgical replacement of such medical device.

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