Asthma Drugs (Advair, Foradil, Serevent and Symbicort) — FDA Reports a Mixed Bag

After reviewing clinical trial data for four asthma related medications, including Advair, Foradil, Serevent and Symbicort, the FDA has released the results of its findings, including that “Serevent, had a significantly higher rate of serious complications, and even deaths.”

Such action follows a series of warnings by the FDA, that such medications, also known as (LABAs or long-acting medications), could “increased risk of worsening wheezing (bronchospasm) in some people.”

The most recent report by the FDA also highlights the agency’s concern that such medications, whose purpose is to “relax tight muscles around stressed airways and free patients from the need to take a puff from their inhaler every few hours” may actually result in adverse side-effects, including respiratory complications.

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