As Yaz Goes, So Does Beyaz

The Yaz story does not end with Yaz. As most Yaz users have recently learned, there is a significantly increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes when taking Yaz compared to other birth control pills. What some users may not be aware of though – is that Beyaz is basically the same drug with identical risks.

In September 2010, Bayer introduced Beyaz, another birth control pill, which received FDA approval based on its similarities to Yaz. Both Beyaz and Yaz are estrogen/progesterone based contraceptives, with only one difference. Beyaz contains folic acid, which can reduce risks of neural tube defect if Beyaz fails as a contraceptive. However the differences stop there. Beyaz has the same increased risk as Yaz does including blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

It is troubling, however, that these associated risks were not properly described in these drugs’ warning labels until last month when the FDA finally ordered Bayer to change the warnings on its labels. In a Bayer Pharmaceuticals statement to the press, it acknowledged these increased risked and agreed to update its label for drospirenone-containing contraceptives. It took nearly six years for this label change, and countless women have suffered needlessly with blood clots as a result.

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